Market Monitor Metals and Steel Canada 2019

Market Monitor

  • Canada
  • Metals,
  • Steel

26th November 2019

The sector benefits from the lift of US import tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium, with profit margins of steel businesses expected to improve again.

Trading Briefs

Atradius know-how on trading opportunities including the documents: Export Practice, Credit-to-Cash Briefings and the Atradius Risk Map.

Industry Performance Forecast

Consultez une photographie des risques et performances des principaux secteurs d'activité dans plus de 30 pays. Cette analyse s'appuie sur les informations collectées par les arbitres d'Atradius.

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    Country Report Poland March 2021

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    18th March 2021

    Poland's economy: a solid 3.8% growth outlook in 2021 and rebound of some industries, while credit risk for transport, retail and services remains high

    Country Report China March 2021

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    9th March 2021

    China's economy: a strong rebound forecast in 2021, but ongoing Sino-US trade disputes and increasing political strains with the US remain a downside risk

    Country Report Russia March 2021

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    4th March 2021

    Major structural weaknesses weigh on growth prospects

    Country Report Mexico, March 2021

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    4th March 2021

    Only a modest economic rebound expected in 2021 after a steep recession last year

    Country Report USA 2021

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    8th February 2021

    A robust economic rebound expected in 2021, but major downside risks remain

    Global Economic Outlook - February 2021

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    4th February 2021

    As several vaccines have been approved and are being rolled out, we expect the global economy to rebound in 2021

    Promising markets for 2021

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    1st February 2021

    After the Covid-19 pandemic sent a shockwave to the global economy, we are looking at new hope as economies are gradually reopening

    Country Report India 2021

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    21st January 2021

    The repercussions of coronavirus have hit an already weakening economy.

    Latin America: one of the worst affected by Covid-19

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    22nd December 2020

    Heavy dependence on informal labour markets and tourism exacerbates the Covid-19 shock

    Decoupling of economies affects Asian trade development

    Economic research

    • China,
    • India,
    • General economic

    9th December 2020

    Asia coped relatively well with the Covid-19 pandemic and an economic recovery is expected in 2021, though with several challenges to trade in the region


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