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Specialists in trade credit insurance, surety and debt collections, we’re committed to building strong relationships with our customers. We work alongside you to understand and support your business.

Atradius Canada operates with a team of locally based Underwriters, Account Managers and Collections Specialists. We’re committed to working closely with you to better understand your business and build strong relationships

Providing Credit Insurance and Collections in Canada

Atradius Canada provides Credit Insurance and support for local and international businesses. Canada is an important hub for world trade and we support many businesses who are located here, as well as many others who seek to trade with local companies. We have had a presence in the city for many years and were pleased to reinforce this when we located our regional Headquarters here in Almonte, a suburb of Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital.

We are also located in Mississauga located in the heart of Canada’s business community. We work closely with our colleagues around the world in cross-border teams and are proud to provide a global service with a local focus.

Management and representatives in Canada

Atradius Canada operates with a team of 18 people, including underwriters, account managers, collections specialists and support staff.

Senior Management

Chris Short, Senior Vice President and Country Manager

Atradius N.V.

Chris Short is a recognized leader in the trade credit insurance industry and a highly regarded expert in domestic and international business. As Senior Vice President and Country Manager he is responsible for the Canadian credit insurance operations of Atradius, the second largest credit insurer in the world.

Prior to joining Atradius Mr. Short spent 26 years in credit insurance where he held numerous high level positions. He helped develop the Canadian operations of Coface and was its Country Manager.  He managed their International and Strategic Accounts operation as well as the export business of Coface North America and its predecessor, CNA Credit Insurance.

He holds an MBA in Finance from Seton Hall University.


  • Chris Short is an officer in the Receivables Insurance Association of Canada, serving as Vice Chairman and Secretary Treasurer since its inception in 2011. 
  • Chris Short also serves as Chair of the Credit Insurance Advisory Group, acting as a liaison between the private sector credit insurers and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.


History of Atradius in Canada from origins to today

Atradius has had a presence in Canada since 2001 where we operated through fronting operations and have been licensed to write credit insurance as Atradius since 2006.


Building a strong local presence for local needs

As Atradius, we are focused on growing the market awareness of our Brand, increasing our market share and increasing the overall market for credit insurance through new distribution channels, direct sales and product innovation.

Putting the needs of our customers at the center of our focus is the primary objective of Atradius Canada. Our skilled underwriters and account managers understand the needs of your business and market and work closely with you and your broker to find the best credit insurance solutions. Our commitment to the highest quality customer service is demonstrated in our Customer Service Charter.


Customer Feedback

We aim to quickly respond to any feedback, especially if you have a complaint. However, the first step is to understand the problem, and to find out what we can do to resolve the matter.

We value all your feedback. Please help us to make improvements in our service for all of our customers. Below is a brochure that completely outlines our customer feedback process, help us help you!

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